How To: Create a client-server web application with Flex & PHP

Create a client-server web application with Flex & PHP

This tutorial demonstrates how to create what is called a complete client-server web application which consist of a Web Application, PHP, and MySQL. The tutorial shows how to automatically generate the PHP necessary to talk to a MySQL database using Adobe Flex Builder 3.
The steps that you will go through to create the client-server web application are:
1. Create a project
2. Change application server type to PHP
3. Set server location, Web root c:\wamp\www, Root URL http://localhost (port 80)
4. Validate configuration
5. Finish
Note: Mike named the Flex MXML application PHP4. This is just the name of the application not the version of PHP that we are running (which is Php 5) - dumb name choice on my part. Should have called it MyPHPApp.

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Hi which tool you used to create this video, it zooms when when you do some actions and zooms out , how did u recorded, please help me thanks in advance

I seriously need to jump deeper into Flash

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